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Julian Alps traverse trekking

Program details

Pick-up point(s):

  • Ljubljana,
  • Bled.

Day 1: Bled - Tamar valley - Mt. Slemenova špica - Vršič pass

Early morning pick-up, followed by transfer to Planica valley (approx. 40 min from Bled). From starting point we will proceed to the Tamar maountain hut (Dom v Tamarju). From here gently ascending path crosses Slemenova špica (with beautiful view of Jalovec) and futher the Vratca saddle to join the Vršič pass.

Duration: approximately 4h.

Accommodation, H/B in the mountain hut (Poštarski dom).

Day 2: Vršič pass - Prisojnik - Razor - Kriški podi

From the mountain hut, the path sets off to the right on the Sovna glava and then the route climbs onto the ridge Gladki rob and across the slope to the natural window Prednje okno. The path ascends over steep rocks to the summit ridge and onto the summit of Prisojnik (2547m), descending along Jubilejna path, passing the ledges at the foot of Zvoniki and into the massif of Zadnji Prisojnik, followed by the second natural window - Zadnje okno. The path crosses slopes near the saddle between  Planja and Razor, and ascends to the highest point - Razor (2601m), finally descending down onto Kriški podi.

Duration: approximately 7-8h.

Accommodation, H/B in the Kriški podi mountain hut (Pogačnikov dom).

Day 3: Kriški podi - Mt. Bovški Gamsovec - Luknja pass - Mt. Triglav - Kredarica mountain hut

This day will be tha longest and also the hardest. The path heads upwards to reach the saddle Dovška vrata, crossing eroded karst formations. Once on the saddle, the path continues along the ledges to the summit of Bovški Gamsovec (2392m). Descending towards the Luknja saddle, we gradually continue our way to the top of Slovenia's highest mountain Triglav (2864m) and finally descend to Kredarica mountain hut.

Duration: approximately 8-9h.

Accommodation, H/B in the Triglav mountain hut (Triglavski dom na Kredarici).

Day 4: Kredarica mountain hut - Prehodavci - Dvojno jezero

From Kredarica mountain hut, we traverse to Prehodavci and descend through the beautiful 7 Lakes Valley, and end our day at the scenic glacier lake Dvojno jezero (Twin lake).

Duration: approximately 6h.

Accommodation, H/B in the Triglav lakes mountain hut (Koča pri Triglavskih jezerih).

Day 5: Dvojno Jezero - Komna - Savica Waterfall - Bled

We continue our descending through the 7 Lakes Valley via Komna plateau, and finish our trekking at Savica Waterfall. From there we drive pass the biggest Slovenian glacier lake: Bohinj Lake where we will have the opportunity to freshen up by swimming in the lake. This scenic area is a truly extraordinary piece of nature's work. From the lake we will continue our drive through Bohinj valley to Bled (or to desired drop-off point).

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